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What Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

What Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection? Purchasing a used vehicle can prove to be quite tricky. When buyers get emotionally caught up in the purchase process of the vehicle often miss mechanical, safety, and cosmetic issues when they take the vehicle for a test drive or during visual inspections. That’s why many buyers decide to opt for a pre-purchase inspection (PPI), conducted before the completion of the sale. What Is a Pre-Purchase Inspection? A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed assessment by a qualified technician to determine the mechanical, cosmetic, and safety condition of a vehicle before the purchase is finalized. The pre-purchase inspection intends to locate existing conditions or to discover maintenance issues that may transform into bigger safety or financial problems in the long run. When Should I Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection? When you are purchasing a vehicle from another city or when the vehicle has no warranty, it’s highly recommended that you have a pre-purchase

Signs of a Failing Clutch

Signs of a Failing Clutch How to Tell If the Clutch is Failing In every vehicle with a manual transmission, the clutch is of utmost importance because it allows you to change between gears. However, over time, your clutch may wear out, like many other components of your car. What’s the Function of the Clutch? The function of the clutch is to separate the engine from the wheels, thus allowing you to switch gears and also come to a complete stop while the engine is still running. The clutch consists of 3 main parts, which are the clutch plate, flywheel, and pressure plate. When the clutch is engaged, the springs in it press these 3 parts together so that the engine and the transmission are now connected and spinning at the same speed. When you place your foot on the clutch pedal and press it down, however, the springs pull the pressure plate away from the clutch plate, enabling the pressure plate and flywheel to spin at a different rate, thus allowing you to change gears smoothly.

When to Change Your Rolls Royce’s Spark Plugs

 When to Change Your Rolls-Royce’s Spark Plugs Let’s start off with saying what exactly spark plugs do in the first place. In simple terms, we would just say that your Rolls-Royce can’t start without spark plugs. Their job is to transfer the high-voltage current coming from the ignition coil in order to ignite the combustion chamber which in turn is responsible for powering the engine. Now that we have this information, let’s see what signs to look for that will let you know the spark plugs in your vehicle are either dead or malfunctioning. If you experience any of the following, get your Rolls to an auto repair shop as soon as possible: the engine takes a while to start; the engine doesn’t start at all; the engine runs rough; the acceleration is slow; the engine misfires; you notice that you are using more fuel than usual. Now, other than these signs, the other reason to change the spark plugs of your Rolls-Royce would be that this service is due. Usually, it is done every five years

Summer Trip in Your MINI

 Summer Trip in Your MINI The following article contains a list of items that you should do before setting off on a road trip in your MINI car. The most important thing would be to have your MINI inspected at an auto repair center so that you do not have any bad surprises such as getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Check to see if you have everything necessary in the car, such as first aid kit, a basic tool kit, spare tire, jack, water, phone/tablet chargers, and some non-perishable granola bars (or something else of the sort). Keep these items in your glove-box: a proof of insurance, registration, and other important documents. You should also have your owner’s manual and roadside assistance information with you when setting off on a road trip adventure. Part of the adventure is stopping at random points and trying new restaurants and diners; however, if you will not be doing this, then make sure you pack a cooler of food. If you will, though, emergency granola bars will be p