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Why It's Important to Replace Your Air Filter

Why It's Important to Replace Your Air Filter Having regular air filter replacement is essential for the well-being of your engine, as well as the overall performance of your car. Here are the 2 main reasons why regular air filter replacements are crucial: 1. Your Engine Will Be Corroded by Debris As the engine air intake filter gathers more and more pollutants from the environment, small bits of debris and waster could end up in the engine. This is a serious problem because these abrasive particles act as shrapnel. Although both sand grains and bug legs may seem insignificant to us, they can cause serious damage to the moving parts of the engine. The engine itself could be torn apart by these tiny bits of waste. As more metal is being shaved away, more debris accumulates, thus prolonging the degradation of the engine. Initially, this will affect your oil pressure and lead to unwanted corrosion. If the situation isn’t handled properly and on time, the entire engine could

Chevy Summer Maintenance

Chevy Summer Maintenance Summer is fun, without a doubt, but is it still fun when your Chevrolet breaks down? Let us discuss a few simple maintenance services that you will have to perform in order to guarantee the safety of your vehicle. - It is not surprising that we will start off with the Chevrolet’s engine. Have an expert look at it very thoroughly and make sure it is in top-notch shape. Also, don’t forget the fluids, they bear significant importance. - When it comes to the tires of the car, the two most important things to keep checking are the tread and the air pressure. - The condition of the battery should be checked, ideally by a mechanic, so that you are certain it will do its job properly throughout the heat of the summer. - If it has been two years since the last time you flushed the coolant system, then it is definitely time to do so again (consult a professional or your owner’s manual just in case). - Have the wipers replaced to avoid issues if a storm arises

VW Summer Maintenance

VW Summer Maintenance Volkswagen vehicles, although great, need to be maintained properly in order to continue being great. Les us delve into the summer maintenance services needed for your Volkswagen. For the hot months of the year, it is best to have a properly working air conditioning system in your car, so inspect the one in your VW - especially if you notice that fresh air isn’t entering the cabin, or the one that does enter is somewhat unpleasant. This is usually a sign that something is wrong and the A/C needs service or even repair. Clean any and all rust that may have gathered between the connections of the car battery. Check on the battery’s fluid as well because due to the hot temperatures and heat it may have evaporated - so do check it more often than not during the summer! Always keep an eye on the levels of the coolant. After all, it has the tough task to keep the Volkswagen from overheating. Also, if you want to be completely on the safe side, have a mechanic in

Does Your Vehicle Need Transmission Repair or Service?

Does Your Vehicle Need Transmission Repair or Service? In an ideal scenario, vehicles would never need to be serviced or repaired, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. As a car owner, you need to know what signs to look for in your vehicle that show you need to have the transmission serviced or repaired . Specific things to look for are such as: -You feel a lag when shifting gears -The transmission slips between gears while driving -The transmission slips back to neutral -The clutch stays engaged when you shift which causes grinding noises -There is a burned smell coming from the fluid -Having trouble shifting gears, and experiencing grinding All of the above are reasons for you to worry. Here are a few types of transmission services that your vehicle might need. Fluid Change There are two options for the fluid change of your vehicle. One - fluid exchange based on the specifications of the manufacturer of the vehicle. And two - transmission fluid and filter change,

Summer Maintenance for Lexus

Summer Maintenance for Lexus Summer is here! Now, let us view the situation with your Lexus. In this article, we will discuss how you can keep your vehicle in good working order. First things first, let us make sure that you will be kept air conditioned in the summer heat. Inspect your Lexus’ cabin air conditioning filters. And if you feel that you want to be completely safe, inspect the entire system in question. Check the fluids in the vehicle. The bear minimum would be – oil, brake fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and power-steering fluid. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to check on all of the car’s fluids (personally, this is what I do). And remember that the coolant is of the highest importance for the summer, unless you want your vehicle to run the risk of overheating. Make sure that you have some important items in the vehicle – emergency kit, small tool kit, chargers for a phone and/or tablet, water, snacks that don’t go bad, flashlight, sunscreen, ha