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Why Does a Car Overheat?

Why Does a Car Overheat? If you didn’t know, hot temperatures might not be the sole cause of your car’s overheating. There are a number of problems having to do with the engine or the cooling system that may be the actual causes of your troubles. 1. Motor oil The motor oil is responsible for the lubrication of parts, but also for removing any excess heat that the engine may have generated. This is why if the oil is low, the car may be running hotter than it should. 2. Coolant Every car has a cooling system - it is of vital importance. The purpose of the cooling system is to keep the temperature of the engine down. If there is an issue with it (such as a leak, a pump malfunction or a blockage), the coolant will not be circulating properly. Problems with the cooling system are not restricted to just the summer - they may appear in cold weather as well. You might be asking yourself why. Simple - the coolant inside the reservoir can freeze and, consequently, circulation would be

Car Overheating Protection in the Summer

Car Overheating Protection in the Summer 1. Crack a window Needless to say, there is hot air trapped in the vehicle when there is no way for it to get out. By cracking a window, you make sure that there is a slight opening from where said hot air can escape the car. It is of the highest importance not to leave a big crack after all - you do not want someone being able to get inside of your vehicle. The other important thing to remember is to check the weather forecast - having to deal with a wet car interior is not among the most amusing things in the world. 2. Park in the shade I believe it is pretty self-explanatory why you should be doing so. Your car, just as your body, can sense the difference between being directly under the sun or under a shade. Of course, there might be no shade in the vicinity - in such a case use a sunshield. 3. Car temperature gauge This little indicator is a life-saver. Always keep track of it, and if you notice that it has started indicating to

Car Overheats – What to Do

Car Overheats – What to Do Unfortunately, a vehicle overheating could happen to everyone - it is highly unpleasant but it may occur. In the following article, we will share with you what you can do if you find yourself on the road with a vehicle that overheats. 1. Pull over, and then safely park the vehicle so as not to cause problems to other drivers or yourself. After you have done so, turn off the engine and let your vehicle cool down for at least 10 minutes. 2. Opening the hood of the vehicle will ensure a faster clearing of the heat. 3. You can turn the ignition to its first position, without starting the engine, after the vehicle has cooled off. After checking and making sure that the temperature gauge is within a normal range and the engine fluid levels are quite sufficient, you can try and start the engine (only if those criteria are met). 4. If the case is that the car doesn’t want to start or is making unusual noises, then simply stay on the side of the road and cal

What You Need to Know Before Your Punctured Tire is Repaired

What You Need to Know Before Your Punctured Tire is Repaired Are you in need of a tire repair? When it comes to this repair, know what’s acceptable and what’s not. Some tire punctures can be repaired and some can’t. Tires that are not properly repaired could potentially lead to a road accident. If you are not sure what is an acceptable tire repair we are here to help you out with some guidelines. You should only repair punctures that are located within the tread area. The first thing you should do is to have a look at your tire and locate the puncture area. Remember, repairs should be limited to the damaged tread area. If a repair is beyond the tread area on the side or along the edge, the tire should be replaced. In this situation, do not allow repair. Every reputable tire repair shop would not agree to perform a dangerous repair. If punctures are greater than 1/4″ in diameter, replace the tire. Size is of importance when it comes to tire punctures. If the damage

Family-oriented Three-row SUVs

Family-oriented Three-row SUVs Is it time to change that family car with something a bit more modern? Great! In the following article, you will find four models of SUVs that are perfect for families, and are top-of-the-line - all of the models are from 2020. in addition, all of the models reviewed are big enough for any family seeing as they are either eight-passenger or seven-passenger vehicles. Kia Telluride In this particular case, we will start off the list with the best! The Telluride is a magnificent vehicle all-around. It is extremely hard to find anything wrong with it. The price is quite unexpectedly reasonable, the vehicle looks more expensive than it actually it. Its interior and exterior design is sublime, it is quite spacious, and has more than decent storage capabilities, too. Its engine is a 3.8-liter V6 and it has competitive acceleration and fuel economy. The model comes with luxuries that you would have to pay for, were it any other brand or model. Ford Expedit

Spring Maintenance for Jeep

Spring Maintenance for Jeep After winter time, there are certain things you will need to have done on your vehicle in terms of maintenance. Without delay, let us get into what those things are. Let us start off with oil and filter change. Regular oil and filter change has positive impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. In addition, it will prolong the lifespan of your Jeep’s engine. Do not forget that this is one of the simplest and cheapest services you can do for your Jeep, but also a very important one. The tires are where your Jeep meets the road. Have a look at the tread – make sure that there is sufficient depth so that the tires are still safe. If they are ok to go a few more rounds, just keep them properly inflated. After the winter, your car’s battery may have suffered a bit due to the cold weather. Have it inspected. An auto mechanic would be able to determine this and let you know if the battery is still safe for use. You can check if it is properly mounte