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The Various Benefits of a Towing Service

The Various Benefits of a Towing Service No one knows when something bad is about to happen so you better be prepared as much as possible for any type of emergency. While driving on the road, having a roadside assistance plan is the best way to be prepared for a possible emergency. On top of that, when your vehicle suffers an electrical or mechanical malfunction, it's better to have an emergency plan, just in case. In most cases, you're going to need a towing service to ensure your car is not left stranded on the road. So, after reading all of this, what exactly are the benefits of having a towing service for your car? Quick Response Time The moment your vehicle breaks down always seems to be the worst one possible. Usually, the vehicle breaks down when you need to attend an important meeting, when you are late for work, or when you have to pick up the kids from school. Having a great towing service, through a roadside assistance plan, means that you receive a quicker re

5 Most Common Car Trouble Codes

5 Most Common Car Trouble Codes Unfortunately, we have all been there. Driving down the road and out of the blue, the check engine light illuminates. There’s something wrong with the car, but the real question is – What’s wrong with it? Before you take your car to the local auto repair center, bear in mind that the computer is telling you that something must be inspected. A mechanic will perform a diagnostic test, using a scan tool, to determine what’s the problem. On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) represents an automotive term that refers to the vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. When the check engine light is on, this means that your car has at least one, or event more OBD-II trouble codes. Back in 1966, the strict smog emission control standards, initiated by the state of California, led to the creation of these OBD systems for cars to implement emissions control systems. In 1968, the federal government expanded these controls across the country. The purpose of th

Spring Preparations for Your Honda

Spring Preparations for Your Honda The weather is getting warmer, slowly but surely, which means that you might want to start thinking about some preparations for the spring as far as your Honda is concerned. In this article, you will find a list of things that you might want to consider getting done. Of course, you can do them yourself if you feel confident enough. Change the tires, or have them changed at an auto repair shop. Of course, that concerns only those of you that were using winter tires during the winter. If you have all-season tires equipped on your Honda, then you don’t have to hurry to change them, perhaps they still have some life left in them. While we are on the matter of tires, check the alignment, or have it checked. Either way, it’s wise to do that after the harsh conditions that the winter might have brought (not only because of potholes you might have encountered). Inspect and thoroughly clean the undercarriage of your Honda vehicle. This is necessary bec

How to Prepare Your BMW for the Spring

How to Prepare Your BMW for the Spring Spring is going to be here sooner than you realize, and there are certain things that need to be done in terms of maintenance for your marvelous BMW. Let us begin with the tires of your BMW. If it has winter tires on right now, you should have them changed when the weather starts getting appropriate for the change. If the BMW is equipped with all-season tires, however, they might not need to be changed right away. You can consult a professional mechanic if you are uncertain if they need changing or not. After the winter conditions on the roads, it is highly doubtful that your vehicle is in impeccable shape in terms of cleanness. You would want to clean the undercarriage from any salt that might have stuck on it. Also, thoroughly wash the car and then wax it. If you haven’t been cleaning it on the inside, it is high time you do so. Go to an auto repair shop, preferably one that specializes in the service and repair of BMW vehicles , and hav

How Is a Smog Check Performed

How Is a Smog Check Performed When a smog check is performed, a licensed technician will attach the necessary measuring equipment to your vehicle. Essentially, a smog check consists of several inspections – functional, visual, and emissions. All of these inspections validate that your emissions equipment is in check, functioning properly, and doing its job of combing out pollutants from your vehicle's exhaust. Emissions measured, during a smog check, include oxygen (O2), hydrocarbons (HC), carbon dioxide (CO2), and carbon monoxide (CO). The emissions test also measures levels of oxides of nitrogen (Nox), in some of the nation’s most polluted urban areas. The measurements taken, during the smog check, are recorded and immediately available to your state's agency, in charge of monitoring vehicle and smog emissions. In California, it is transmitted to the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). In Georgia, data goes to the Georgia Clean Air Force (GCAF). Make some research and fi

Тhe Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

Тhe Importance of Proper Tire Inflation Maintaining the pressure levels of proper tire inflation, recommended by the manufacturer, is a key element of tire maintenance. Tires that have the right amount of air pressure last longer and improve the overall safety of your vehicle on the road. Possible Dangers Low tire pressure hurts the braking distances and provides less responsive handling and steering. This can prove to be extremely dangerous in certain situations where an emergency stop or sudden evasive maneuver is needed to avoid a collision. Additionally, low tire pressure is the reason for the excessive flex of tire sidewalls, which in turn, generate heat. When there’s a moderate heat, it just accelerates the tire tread wear, however, high heat could result in loss of tread segments or even worse - blowouts. Underinflated tires have higher rolling resistance which leads to a reduced fuel economy. Also, they wear more quickly at the outer edges of the tread, meaning that a

Common Signs That Indicate a Failing Water Pump

Common Signs That Indicate a Failing Water Pump Some car parts don't require an immediate replacement, however, the water pump is not among them. The pump plays an integral part in the cooling process of the car's engine and because of that important role, there'll be quick consequences, if it stops working, including possible complete engine failure. It takes time to have your water pump replaced, but it's better to have this type of job on your hands than having a complete engine overhaul. It’s important to know the signs which indicate that there’s something wrong with your water pump. Bad Circulation  The main purpose of the water pump is to move coolant through the radiator, as well as around the engine, to misspend heat buildup. Moving fast, these closely-connected metal parts cause a lot of friction, and therefore, heat. The abundance of heat would inevitably damage the structure of the components within the water pump. Usually, the water pump is pulley-dri

Audi Maintenance Tips for the Spring

Audi Maintenance Tips for the Spring After the winter, your Audi will need some maintenance services in order to perform at its best. The following list will help you prioritize the most important things you will need to do or to have done for you. First things first, have the tires changed if they are currently winter ones. If they are all-season tires, there is a possibility that you will not need to change them, but that would depend on how worn out the tread is. You can perform the penny or quarter test to determine if the tread is sufficient. It will be a good idea to check the wheel alignment. You can do so while you are driving, just pay attention and if you notice the car drifting to one side then your Audi probably needs an alignment. Have the oil and filter changed at an auto repair shop after the winter ends in preparation for the upcoming warmer months of the spring. If you notice that the wiper blades of your Audi have lost their integrity, you should change the

Spring Preparation of Your Vehicle

Spring Preparation of Your Vehicle Spring is almost here and it is time to think about how you can best prepare your vehicle for it. In the following article, you will find the most important things that you need to do in order to know you are ready for the warmer weather. Change the tires If you were using winter tires during the winter you will need to change them because they are not appropriate for the conditions that spring brings. If you were using all-season tires you might not need to change them. However, that would depend on the tread, you will need to check if it is sufficient to have a good grip on the road. If they do not, you will need to change them with new ones. In any case, you absolutely have to check if the alignment of the wheels is as it should be. Oil and fluids change As always, an oil change is a must. Along with that, you should check the rest of the fluids that your car uses, such as brake and transmission fluid. Have in mind that they might just need

How to Maintain Your BMW in the Winter

How to Maintain Your BMW in the Winter Are you a BMW owner? Are you wondering what you can do to maintain your vehicle during the winter months? Well, you are in luck, in this article we will discuss exactly that matter. Why don’t we start off with the visibility needed to drive during the winter, and really any season throughout the year? Since windshield wipers are much less effective when the conditions are harsh, you will need to make sure that yours are able to perform well even in snowstorms. Windshield wipers have an expiration date as any other thing and when their time comes they might be able to do the job in the summer or in the spring, however doubtful, but in the winter they will be more than useless. Also pay attention to the windshield wiper fluid in your BMW, and remember that for the winter months it needs to have antifreeze properties. Also, remember to keep it topped off. Let us move on to the tires of your BMW vehicle, as always they are where your car meets t