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Winter Maintenance of Audi

Winter Maintenance of Audi Without too much delay, let us get right to the point of this article -  the maintenance of your Audi vehicle during the winter! 1. Check the oil We all know how important oil is to the engine of the vehicle. You will need to have it checked and either topped off or replaced altogether. A mechanic would be able to determine which action should be taken. In order to avoid the thickening of the fluids in your Audi during colder weather, you might want to use an oil with a lower viscosity. 2. Check the car battery Due to the colder weather during the winter your Audi’s car battery will suffer negatively. This means that it will not be able to utilize its full capacity, maybe even if it fully charged, so take your vehicle to an auto repair shop where a professional would be able to check the car battery and if needed charge it. 3. Check the tires Have you changed your tires to winter ones yet? And have you checked the tread on said tires? If you haven’

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance During the Winter

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance During the Winter Considering how grand your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is, you do not want to skimp on its preparation for the winter. Since it is so important to take the correct precautionary measures why don’t we discuss how you can do so? Let us start off with the fact that you need to take your Mercedes to be winterized. There are certain things that absolutely need to be checked, and ensure that they are working properly, or are up to a good standard. Bear in mind that even if you do not live in the coldest states of the country you can also have your vehicle checked, it never hurts to be well-prepared, you never know what a mechanic might find. The condition of the coolant system would be one of those things. A qualified mechanic would be able to examine it and assess its condition. He can also check if the level of coolant is sufficient. Since there are different types of coolant, your system might require a mixture of coolant and water. If you don