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Items to Keep in Your Car during the Winter (Part 2)

Items to Keep in Your Car during the Winter (Part 2) Let us continue with the list of items you might need and should have in your vehicle’s trunk throughout the winter months. 1.Blankets, winter clothes, gloves – Having clothes to protect you from the cold is important if you need to leave the vehicle for any reason. A blanket or blankets could be helpful in a situation where you are stuck and you can’t get the heat on for whatever reason. 2.Emergency flares or reflectors – Another handy thing to have in case your vehicle breaks down. These items will make your car more visible from the road and in snowstorms. 3.Windshield washer fluid – Visibility on the road is always important, so take with you some extra windshield washer fluid, preferably one that is with antifreeze components, since it is more suitable for the winter. 4.Jumper cables – Battery charge can drop due to cold weather so you should carry jumper cables in your car just in case. It is easier for someone to hel

Should You Get a 30,000 Mile Service for Your New Vehicle?

Should You Get a 30,000 Mile Service for Your New Vehicle? Why have your vehicle maintained at 30,000 miles if it is still running? Is it really necessary? The simple answer would be yes, but there is more to it, let us take a look at why exactly it is important to your vehicle to have a 30,000 mile service done on it. If you think that maintenance service can be skipped, read this article, and you will see precisely why it shouldn’t be. Why don’t we start off with the fact that some warranties may depend on whether or not you had factory scheduled maintenance performed on the car. If you did not have it done, it may void your warranty, and you most certainly don’t want that happening to a vehicle you have purchased as brand new. Now, as far as the vehicle itself goes, look at the 30,000 mile service as an investment. An investment that guarantees you have a smoothly running vehicle for a longer period of time. And in addition, it can save you money in the long run since a mechan

Items to Keep in Your Car during the Winter (Part 1)

Items to Keep in Your Car during the Winter (Part 1) When you find yourself in a situation where you are stuck on the side of the road and it is freezing there are certain items that you simply must have in the trunk of your car. In this article, we will state the most important of those items. 1.Ice scraper and a snow brush – You simply have to make sure to remove all of the snow or ice from your vehicle, so that you have a clear view of the other vehicles around you and of the the road. 2.First aid kit – This item is one that you should have throughout the entire year, not only during the winter. 3.Tool Kit – Something that requires minor repairs to the vehicle could always happen while on the road, so it is a good idea to have a tool kit with you so that you can do some minor repairs on the vehicle and be able to go on your way. Later, of course, you would need to take the car to an auto repair shop. 4.Water and food – Make sure to have such items as well because you might

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter The winter is quickly approaching and drivers should prepare their vehicles for the harsh weather that comes with winter. Which is why in this article we will discuss what you should pay special attention to. Let’s start off with your car’s battery. During colder weather it’s capacity can decrease so if you own a garage it would be wise to keep your vehicle inside during the nights. By doing this the automobile won’t be exposed to the freezing weather outside, which in turn would mean that the battery would be protected. Coolant is of the utmost importance during the winter because it does not freeze as water does in cold weather. Have your cooling system flushed and refilled with a mixture of antifreeze and water. Usually, the recommended mixture is a 50/50 one. But, do have in mind that it depends on the antifreeze you choose, and what the lowest winter temperatures are in your state and city. Also have in mind that you will need to periodicall

Do You Need New Tires?

Do You Need New Tires? Right off the bat, we need to make it clear that eventually tires wear out and need to be replaced. But how can you know if you need new ones without having to take your vehicle to a mechanic? Let’s cover this matter, shall we? You can take as a guideline a period of five years, after which you will need to have them inspected at least once a year. Also, you cannot solely base the change of your tires on how much time has gone by, since the wear depends a lot on your driving habits and the maintenance you have provided to the tires while they were in use. If you do not know how you can check the manufacturing date of the tires here is how: - Find the date on the tires, usually, it is a number of four digits, where the first two stand for the week and the last two for the year. An example would be 1215, which respectively means that they were manufactured in the 12th week of 2015. Since we said that time cannot always determine the need of change you can p