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How to detail your car interior

How to detail your car interior We all have that one friend or relative who treats their vehicle like a dumpster with an engine. Thankfully the majority of drivers aren’t like this. Most vehicle owners make the effort to keep their vehicle looking good inside and outside. A common way of doing this is taking your vehicle for a detail service, however, these services can cost anywhere from $200-$500. Not everyone can afford such a high-cost service, luckily you can achieve a similar result to a professional service at home for a fraction of the price. In this edition of our how-to series, we will explain how to detail the interior of your vehicle at home. What you will need: A vacuum cleaner; Microfiber cloths; All purpose cleaner; Glass cleaner; An old toothbrush; Trash bags. Remove clutter and trash. Before you can start cleaning, you will first need to remove all of the clutter and trash which has accumulated in your vehicle. For bonus points, separate everythi

What to keep in your trunk this winter

What to keep in your trunk this winter We have previously covered what you should keep in your vehicle’s trunk, see What to keep in your truck , but when winter comes around there are a few extra items that should have a permanent home in your vehicle. On top of what you already store in your trunk, add the following items during the winter months: Extra blankets. You can never have too many blankets, just like the speed of light this is a universal constant; Extra Kitty Litter. As mentioned in the previous article [insert hyperlink], kitty litter is a welcome addition to any vehicle as it can greatly increase traction on slippery surfaces; Candles and a lighter or matches. Keeping one, or more, candles in your car during winter not only provides a light source it will also help to keep you and your passengers warm; Antifreeze. This can help you remove stubborn ice from windows and mirrors, but you should also mix some in with the windshield washer fluid; Ice scraper.