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Why You Should Book A Pre-Purchase Inspection

Why You Should Book A Pre-Purchase Inspection Buying a used car can be a nerve-wracking experience, there is so much to take into consideration. The price, the condition, the warranty (or lack of), are all points which can leave your head spinning, especially if you don’t have a working knowledge of cars. So what are you to do when you really like the car but don’t know what to look out for before buying? Luckily for you, many auto repair centers, including Pacific Motor Service , offer a service called a pre-purchase inspection. This type of service is an in-depth examination of your chosen vehicle performed by an expert technician before the sale is finalized, the technician will inspect the vehicle looking for any potential issues which could pose a risk to your safety or cost you an exorbitant amount of money further down the line. How much of the vehicle is inspected and how much the pre-purchase inspection will cost depending on the level of inspection you request, in the mo

Worry-Free Winter Travel

Worry-Free Winter Travel Winter has descended upon the nation once again, California may be spared from the harshness of cold weather, snow, and ice but other parts of the country are not so fortunate. If you are planning an out of state winter trip there are a few things you should do to prepare your vehicle for low temperatures and winter weather. The expert technicians at Water Star Motors Inc . highly recommend booking a winter vehicle inspection at least one or two weeks before you intend on traveling. This way you can be confident that your vehicle will be able to handle whatever winter may throw at it. Particular attention should be paid to the brakes and exhaust system. When you bring your vehicle to Water Star Motors Inc. for an inspection for winter traveling our technicians will check a variety of areas on your vehicle including the tires, exhaust system, battery and electrics, antifreeze, and the cabin air filter. These are the main components which can greatly affe

5 Winter Driving Tips

5 Winter Driving Tips Minnesotans are no strangers to long, snow filled winters and are well adapted to driving in wintry conditions. However, every year the state sees a spike in snow and ice related traffic accidents and with winter in full swing and Jack Frost bringing another cold front Minnesota's way, it is the perfect time to refresh those winter driving skills with our X top tips for driving in winter. Drivers have a lot to think about and take into consideration while on the road during normal conditions, but during the winter months this mental checklist expands exponentially. Snow, ice, black ice, freezing temperatures and ground blizzards are just some of the hazards drivers must overcome in winter. So it is no wonder that there are so many more traffic accidents at this time of year, but with a little planning and thoughtfulness the chances of having an accident reduce significantly. These top 5 winter driving tips from Babcock Auto Care will help to keep you,

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car There's not a single person out there that likes to talk about past mistakes, especially when it comes to buying a used car. It's quite a sensitive topic, but on the other hand, there are many people who want to know what mistakes they need to avoid. That's why we've gathered the top 8 mistakes we've seen people make over the years when buying a used car. 1. Not checking a dealer's reputation There are plenty of dealerships out there, and almost all of them have used car inventory. For your sake, take some time and check the dealers' reputations in your local area, with the help of sites, like Google, Yelp, and DealerRater. If you see dealerships that have poor reviews, there’s no need for you to go there. 2. Act as a Perfectionist There’s no doubt that everyone who is shopping for a used car wants to get the best possible deal out there and have an amazing vehicle with low mileage, that also looks like b