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Child safety in the vehicle

We all know that child car safety is quite simple, provided that you follow a couple of simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to fit child restraints correctly and make sure you always buckle your kids into them correctly. In addition, it's equally important to seat your kids appropriately so that you can avoid any fighting between them and keep them happy while on the road.

Child Restraint Basics

The first item related to child car safety that we're going to look into is the child restraint. It's an absolute must for children aged up to 7 years to travel in a child restraint. You must remember to always choose, properly fit, and use the right child restraint suitable for your child's age and size. Once your kid's shoulders reach higher than the upper shoulder height marker seen on child restraints, your kid will be ready to move to a bigger child restraint.


You can set a great example for your kids if you start wearing your own seatbelt on regular basis. It's no lie that kids the most when observing the adults around them. You must always check if all seatbelts are done up before you start driving. If your child's restraint straps are twisted or undone, don't start driving. If your child undoes buckles or removes straps, stop the car and do up the buckles or straps again.

Child Car Safet Tips

Here are a few extra safety tips when traveling together with your children in the car:

1. Make sure the legs, head, and arms of your child are always inside the car when you are driving or when parked on the side of the road.

2. Make sure the childproof locks are activated when the vehicle is moving or standing still so your children can't get out. Usually, these locks are inside the car doors.

3. You must always get your children in and out of your car on the kerbside, where there's no traffic.

Children with Specials Needs

If you have a child with additional needs, such as physical disability or medical condition, it's possible to have exceptions to the rules for child safety auto seats in Wilmingto.

Health professionals, like for instance occupational therapists can work closely with you in order to pick the most suitable restraint for your kid or to transform a restraint so that it can be useful for your kid. Bear in mind that only health professionals can alter restraints, suggest specialized restraints or propose restraint accessories.


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