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10 Things to Keep Your Hybrid Vehicle in Top Shape for the Winter

Don't let the winter season catch you off guard. During the cold, winter months, keep your hybrid vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. We've prepared 10 things every hybrid car owner should do in order to keep their cars performing well during the winter season. 1. Vehicle Winterization Have your hybrid car ready for winter driving exactly the same way you’d have a winterization for a non-hybrid car. Begin the process with an inspection of the condition of several important things, such as anti-freeze, oil and filter, tire pressure, and engine performance. Make sure you follow the specifications that are suggested in your owner’s manual and have regular meetings with your local auto repair technician. 2. Grill Insulation When the temperature outside is extremely cold, some hybrid owners suggest a “blocking” of the hybrid’s front grill. Cut sections of foam pipe insulation in order to fit the pieces inside the grill, thus preserving the fuel economy. You can e

When Do You Need To Replace Your Brakes

When Do You Need To Replace Your Brakes  Gas mileage varies depending on how and where you drive and the same applies for the life of your brake pads, that same friction material that is pressed against a metal rotor or drum in order to stop your car. You may wonder how long will they be able to last, but that depends on multiple factors. If you live in a crowded urban area like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles and drive just 8,000 miles a year, you’ll have to replace your brake pads a lot more often in comparison to someone who drives 30,000 miles a year across the countryside. You use your brakes far more often in an urban setting than on a rural highway. Unfortunately, you need to rely on your ears or the advice of a professional auto technician, because there’s no clear-cut schedule that indicates when the time for brake pads replacement has come. The majority of vehicles have to get their tires rotated at least once every six months and during this service, you should also

Do You Need a Fuel Injection Service

Do you Need a Fuel Injection Service  Has your auto technician recommended a fuel injection service? If the answer is yes, you may be thinking what type of service this is and why is recommended for your vehicle. That's why we've prepared several tips that will help you understand why you need a fuel injection service : What is a Fuel Injector? First off, you have to understand how your vehicle's engine works. Over the years, fuel systems have changed drastically. Old vehicles used to have a carburetor that fed fuel to the engine. However, carburetors were considered highly inefficient by auto manufacturers so they developed a fuel injection system that manages fuel injection electrically. These sophisticated systems give accurate fuel monitoring, which means that whenever you step on the gas pedal, the fuel injector will deliver just the right amount of fuel to your engine. That's why these systems need regular maintenance due to their complexity in order to

How to Avoid Costly Transmission Repairs

How to Avoid Costly Transmission Repairs  Unless you own a lemon, the majority of vehicles can run way past 100,000 miles if they are properly maintained. With that being said, the oil had to be changed at recommended intervals and ensuring your transmission is in top condition. Apart from replacing the engine,  transmission repair in Moberly is the costliest repair for a vehicle and sometimes it may cost as much as the entire vehicle if you drive an older model. That's why we've prepared several tips that will help you keep your transmission in good condition. Manual Transmission Maintenance If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you have far fewer worries when it comes to maintaining your transmission. In comparison to the automatic transmission, the manual transmission is a much simpler set of mechanical components and gears. On the other hand, an automatic transmission is far more complex may have hundreds of moving elements, such as hydraulic and elect

What to Do When You've Failed a Smog Test

What to Do When You've Failed a Smog Test Depending on where you reside, your car may be subject to a smog inspection every now and then. A computerized system monitors the exhaust gases of your vehicle during these tests, also known as smog tests, in order to ensure that it is not polluting the atmosphere. If you live in a state where it's required to have a smog test, you are allowed to register your vehicle only if it has passed an emissions test. That' why, you need to keep your vehicle well-maintained in order to pass the test. However, if you fail the test, don't worry much about it, because you can take it again. Here's what you should do in order to pass the emissions test. Failing the Test In case your vehicle has failed the test, when subjected to a smog inspection in Lowell , simply means that one of the parts tested, may not be working properly. If you fail the smog test, the licensed smog testing facility will hand you a printout verification

The most common suspension problems

The most common suspension problems  The main purpose of the car suspension system is to maximize friction between the vehicle's tire and the road surface, thus boosting passenger comfort and providing steering stability. Over the years, car suspensions have evolved a lot, and as of now, modern vehicles have more sophisticated suspension systems than ever before. However, problems still occur from time to time, in spite of all the improvements in suspension systems. Suspension components, such as anti-roll bars, shock absorbers, control arms, springs, and other parts take a pounding each and every day from railroad tracks, road salt, potholed streets, gravel, snow, rain, dirt and grime, and the usual piece of scrap metal or other types of debris that drivers see in the last possible moment. Under the aforementioned conditions, it should not come as a surprise that any component of the suspension system can be damaged or worn out over the years. There are various symptoms and

The rise of the automotive industry in Kansas City

The rise of the automotive industry in Kansas City Kansas City is officially the nation's second-largest auto hub. City’s long history of auto production dates back to 1913 when Henry Ford made a decision to choose this region to be the first one outside of Detroit for auto production. The most recent expansion of Ford Motor Co. in this particular area was in 2011. At that time, the company announced a $1.2 billion investment that was meant to expand and retool Kansas City Assembly Plant, which is located in Claycomo. This plant is responsible for manufacturing the Transit and the F-150 full-size van. Ford has a strong and steady relationship with area school districts which are part of the company’s Next Generation Learning initiative. Launched in 2006, that initiative provides mentoring, technical support, coaching, and financial support to 20 communities around the country. Kansas City Assembly Plant uses interesting and innovative supply chain structure called Automotive

Child safety in the vehicle

We all know that child car safety is quite simple, provided that you follow a couple of simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to fit child restraints correctly and make sure you always buckle your kids into them correctly. In addition, it's equally important to seat your kids appropriately so that you can avoid any fighting between them and keep them happy while on the road. Child Restraint Basics The first item related to child car safety that we're going to look into is the child restraint. It's an absolute must for children aged up to 7 years to travel in a child restraint. You must remember to always choose, properly fit, and use the right child restraint suitable for your child's age and size. Once your kid's shoulders reach higher than the upper shoulder height marker seen on child restraints, your kid will be ready to move to a bigger child restraint. Seatbelts You can set a great example for your kids if you start wearing your own s