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Mazda Preventative Maintenance

Mazda Preventative Maintenance Mazda is without a doubt a great brand of vehicles, and you as a Mazda owner probably already know this. But do you know how to take care of your Mazda properly? In the following article, we will discuss what you can do in terms of preventative maintenance and ensuring only smooth rides on the road.

First things first, having the oil regularly changed is vitally important for your Mazda. However, that is not to say that the replacement of the filter is not just as important. Both of those things are crucial because particles, such as tiny bits of metal or dirt, can get inside of the engine, which in turn causes severe wear on the engine while it is working. In order to protect the engine and ensure that it serves you well now and in the future get regular oil and filter changes. Aim to change them every 5,000-10,000 miles.

Do not forget that it is wise to rotate the tires in order for them to ‘age’ evenly. You should have your Mazda’s tires rotated at l…
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Vehicle Maintenance of Mercedes-Benz

Vehicle Maintenance of Mercedes-Benz You have put in the hours, you have done your research and finally, you have purchased your Mercedes-Benz, now it is time to take proper care of it. In this article, we are going to discuss the top three things you can do to keep your prized vehicle running smoothly, and to prolong the lifespan of it.

You probably already know this but it is of the highest importance that you change your oil regularly. To prolong the durability of the vehicle all together you should have the engine oil changed at regular intervals of time, there should be instructions in your owner’s manual, but if you cannot find them consider 7,500-10,000 miles as a good ‘countdown clock’ for the change. In addition to having the oil changed you need to care for the filters as well, because they are what protects the oil from any debris that might find their way inside your vehicle, from small contaminants to bigger ones that may create problems for your Mercedes.

Having to exam…

How to Properly Maintain Your Honda

How to Properly Maintain Your Honda Having purchased a Honda vehicle, you probably want to keep it running smoothly, and for as long as possible. Good news for you, that is completely doable, and not hard to do. Here are a few tips, and things to keep an eye out for, that you might find helpful regarding the maintenance of Honda vehicles.
First and foremost, do not forget that the easiest way you can take care of your vehicle is to make sure you perform oil changes, and periodically filter changes as well. If you change the oil regularly, as well as the filters, the car’s engine parts will be lubricated properly, but also the filters will be able to capture any debris or unwanted waste that might find their way into the vehicle. Fresh filters ensure the quality of the oil will not be contaminated. If you are unsure when you should have the oil and filters changed you can consult your user’s manual, or ask a professional when you bring in your Honda for service.
In this next tip, we a…

BMW Maintenance Tips

BMW Maintenance Tips I love BMW, don’t you? Since you are reading this post you probably do. Having a BMW is great, but unfortunately it is impossible for them not to break down, this article aims to help you take better care of your vehicle, so that it is with you longer, without requiring repairs every other month.

As some of you know, newer models have CBS and SII systems, which are extremely handy when it comes to maintenance of the vehicle. They help you keep track of upcoming due dates for servicing, or existing problems with the components of the vehicle, but there are still things you have to remember to do yourself.

Let us begin with the tires, you should never overlook them. Check the pressure of the tires monthly, note that if you own a newer BMW model, the computer system will monitor the air pressure. However, the system will not monitor and recognize unever wear. Depending on the wear your vehicle may need an alignment. In addition to this point, let me just add that yo…

Automatic Transmission Vehicle Maintenance and Tips (Part 2)

Automatic Transmission Vehicle Maintenance and Tips (Part 2) In the following article we are going to discuss how to take care of your automatic vehicle, so that you can make sure you get the most out of it for as long as possible, and that you do not need to pay extreme bills for repairs. Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do when you own an automatic transmission vehicle.

Please, do not keep your fuel tank low, don’t do this to your vehicle. An automatic transmission car depends on fluid pressure to run as it should. Try to always keep the tank at least half full. If you do not, your car cannot be properly lubricated, and/or stay cool, hence the engine and other elements can wear out a lot quicker than they would otherwise.

Do you shift gears when the car is rolling? Well, this leads to your transmission components changing direction rapidly, which will wear out the gearbox faster than usual. Instead, try using the brakes to stop the vehicle. Some of you may even shift …

Automatic Transmission Vehicle Maintenance and Tips (Part 1)

Automatic Transmission Vehicle Maintenance and Tips (Part 1) In the following article we are going to discuss how to take care of your automatic vehicle, so that you can make sure you get the most out of it for as long as possible, and that you do not need to pay extreme bills for repairs.

There are a few things that you should not be doing if you own and drive an automatic transmission vehicle. Along with those, we will talk about tips and tricks to keep your car in the best possible condition for as long as possible. Note that doing the following things will prolong the lifespan of the vehicle’s parts, but they are not a method of skipping regular maintenance services that need to be done to your car. In fact, my first advice is to make sure that you take in your vehicle to a specialist for regular check-ups (better to pay a little sum of money for preventative measures, than to pay a lot of money for a huge repair).

First things first: Do NOT rev your engine before switching gears…

The Importance of Coolant

The Importance of Coolant I don’t know how many of you are aware, but coolant, or the other way it is known - antifreeze, has double functionality: it keeps the car from overheating, and it protects it from freezing in times of extremely cold weather. Based on this information you can probably make a solid conclusion as to why coolant is so important to your vehicle.

Nevertheless, let us make it clear what happens when your car is lacking coolant. As a car owner you probably know that when your engine is running, it generated heat, if your vehicle does not have coolant it can overheat and cause damage to the engine (which can be serious damage), and in turn this may lead to some costly repairs (and let us be honest here, no one likes unnecessary bills). Now let us take a look at what happens when it is winter, if you go with water instead of coolant, the water may freeze, when water freezes it expands, the pressure from the expanded water can crack your engine block, cylinder heads, …